New SOS Service!

SOS Announces a new service: “Expression of Wish.”

A recent tragic case has highlighted the fact that Expats living here in Chiang Mai need someone to act on their behalf, sometimes urgently, in the event of their sudden death or in case of a serious life threatening accident.

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Your consul can offer only a limited service, and, due to the structure of the consular system, cannot involve itself in legal matters on your behalf. Although we are not lawyers, we understand the practical and legal factors that your friends and loved ones may face in the event of your death overseas, and to this end, we would like to offer an additional service to our members at a small extra cost. We can also help you to create a Will pertaining to your assets here in Thailand, which would not be covered by any Will made in your home country.

SOS’ ‘Expression of Wish’ Service means that information you provide us with i.e next of kin contact details, instructions etc. will be held in a sealed envelope only to be opened in the event of your death or serious illness. For more information or to speak to an advisor Email: info@chiangmaisos.com / Call 0870 52 03 89

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