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Emergency Assistance for Foreigners in Chiang Mai

Detention by Police or Immigration

Although the Thai Police and Immigration do an excellent job, there are instances where, due to cultural and language differences, foreigners can find themselves in difficult situations.


Imagine lying in a strange hospital ward whilst suffering from a serious illness or injury and not knowing how to contact your loved ones or health insurance company. Count on SOS to make all the necessary arrangements.

Serious Road Accident

Unfortunately road accidents in Chiang Mai are all too common. This is partly due to poor driving and partly due to the number of motorbikes on the road. If you find yourself a victim or a cause of a road accident, SOS can help.

In the Event of your Death

For the majority of us what happens if we were to die in Thailand is a very grey area. Although at some point it is inevitable that we will die, we tend not to think about, or indeed make arrangements for what will happen after we pass away.

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